Connecting America to Her Veterans

Climbing 4 Veterans

Total Raised: $499.50

Why do we climb? Climbing is one of the quickest ways to trust another person. Trust them with your life. The bond created between climbers is strong. And that bond opens the door for vulnerability and growth. As our trust grows; in ourselves, our gear, and our partners we climb higher and higher. Even though falling is inevitable, we know we have someone to catch us.

The GallantFew Climbing program connects Veterans to the world of Rock Climbing through hosted weekly linkups. Currently, we are meeting at Summit Climbing Grapevine TX. Triangle Rock Club Fayetteville NC. and Triangle Rock Club Richmond VA.

In 2021, we want to have 10 programs funded.

Program Costs:
Day Passes: $35
Gear Package for Veterans who show continued interest and want to keep climbing. $175
Membership Fees: $75 Monthly

The average cost to sustain a weekly climbing program is $8-10k

We have hosted various outdoor trips to places like Joshua Tree, Pilot Mountain, New River Gorge, Red Rock Canyon. It is on these outdoor retreats that we are able to spend time getting to know the Veterans on a deeper level. We also use that opportunity to introduce our Functional Emotional Fitness Coaching to participants. This shortened version is just a primer to the full session that is available to all veterans, free of charge. These outdoor trips are primarily intended for climbers that have shown a commitment to their local climbing linkup, understand the basics of climbing and belaying, and wish to put those skills to real rock. The indoor programs will have first priority to participate in our Outdoor Retreats.

In 2021 we want to host 3 outdoor retreats.

Outdoor Retreat costs: Food, Lodging, Guide Services, Transportation

The average cost of Outdoor Retreats is $12-15k

Team Leader: Bryce Mahoney

Team Overview

Name Total Miles Total Raised
Jake Edwards 0 $0.00
Brycr Mahoney 0 $0.00

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