Connecting America to Her Veterans

Welcome to PATRIOT CHALLENGE 2021!

All PATRIOT CHALLENGE participants are part of a team.
Select your team when registering below or become a Team Leader and make your own team.

***Note: Long sleeve participant shirts will be mailed beginning September 15.


Register for a user account. Either select an existing team to join or bypass the “Team Selection” in the form. Participants will be added to teams closest to them geographically.

What if I don’t know which team to join? No worry. Individuals not selecting a team during registration will be placed on a team nearest them geographically. Participants can change teams throughout PATRIOT CHALLENGE.


Creating a team requires a participant to (1) register for an account, (2) create a team, and then (3) add yourself to the team.

Follow the step-by-step directions below to create a team:

  1. Register for a user account here: Registration.
  2. Bypass “Team Selection” in the registration form.
  3. Once registered with an account, go to the “Create A Team” page.
  4. Complete the “Create A Team” form. Please name your team in a way that represents the purpose of your PATRIOT CHALLENGE effort or ties to your geographic location. Examples include:
    • Fort Benning Hockey
    • Three Rangers Foundation
    • The Darby Project Chicago
  5. Once your team is created, visit the PATRIOT CHALLENGE Dashboard and select the “Change Your Team” link in the account menu.
  6. Add yourself to the team you created and click submit.
  7. #BeAPatriot

Let’s Get Started!

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If you are ready to register for Run Ranger Run 2020 click the link below!

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