Connecting America to Her Veterans


Out Front for Our Veterans

The Flag Bearer Program exists to connect America to her veterans through active engagement with their friends, families and local communities to increase involvement in PATRIOT CHALLENGE.

Flag Bearer opportunities to grow PATRIOT CHALLENGE include:

  • Recruiting participants for their individual teams.
  • Raising funds for their teams through active engagement with likeminded local businesses and civic organizations.
  • Sharing PATRIOT CHALLENGE social media and actively posting individual and team workouts. 

Flag Bearers are a key component of PATRIOT CHALLENGE reaching its goal of 10,000 participants in 2021. #BeAPatriot

Incentives Program

FLAG BEARERs are out front, leading the charge for PATRIOT CHALLENGE. Flag Bearers have the opportunity to earn unique PATRIOT CHALLENGE incentives based on recruitment successes from the time they are approved until January 15.

Flag Bearer Registration

Flag Bearer Leaderboard

Thank You, 2020 Flag Bearers

Last year, they were Ambassadors. This year these selfless PATRIOT CHALLENGE volunteers are Flag Bearers. 

Below are the the Flag Bearers and the number of participants they registered.

100 or more

  • Alexa Singleton (164)

50 - 99

  • Rachel Fulton DeLisle (92)
  • Jay Martinez (63)

20 - 49

  • Bob Jeswald (49)
  • Dave Reed (26)
  • Amy Silva (26)
  • Traci DeWan (24)
  • Christie O’Neill (20)

10 - 19

  • Timothy Rose (19)
  • Corey Holmes (15)
  • Shelby Manos (15)
  • Barbara Rahe (14)
  • Nichole Scaraglino (14)
  • Kenneth Holvenstot (10)

Ambassadors: Kesta Smith, Julie Recker, Zach Gonzalez, Jonathan Williquette, Eric James, Enrique Colorado, Nick Franz, Eric Schmid, Kirs Sherbondy, Douglas Hanks, Jennifer Lester, Tyr Symank, Ivan Saurez, Jake Combs, Laura Gruenburg, Kasia Kurowska, Alexis Jolly, Morgan Combs, Brian Russel, Andrew Lester, Angela Harris

Spartan Pledge

“I will not take my own life by my own hand until I talk to my battle buddy first. My mission is to find a mission to help my warfighter family.”

Azimuth Check

In order to identify resources that will help active duty and veterans on your transition journey, please take a few minutes to complete this survey!

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